We are New York’s dynamic and innovative renovation and remodeling company with many years of experience both in the United States and Europe. Elite Architectural Remodeling has a history deeply rooted in Europe.  Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria have influenced our woodworking and design aesthetic. In 2001, we brought our unique designs to the United States with a mission to provide a better remodeling company for the Tri-State area.


In addition to our European background, our work stands out because of our commitment to our finished product. We take pride in our work. Not only do we want you to love your home, we want to be satisfied with our work. We provide quality, accuracy and satisfaction to our clients.  Control over production and accuracy of custom made units in our own woodworking facilities equipped with high quality machinery. We will create unique interiors through the use of materials such as exotic woods, natural veneers, laminated glass, granite and marbles, as well as stainless steel. Great emphasis is put on the professional and esthetic finish work.  We are detail oriented and fully cooperate with your architect and designer.